Rock it old school at the Gem and Mineral Showcase

Rock it old school at the Gem and Mineral Showcase
The East Texas Gem and Mineral Showcase doesn't lay an egg. Dinosaur egg Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's once again time to roll down to the rock show...or just drive if you want. The East Texas Gem and Mineral Society are hosting their annual Gemstone and Jewelry Showcase at the Tyler Rose Garden.

You can't get much more family friendly than taking in some absolutely astounding minerals. Keith Harmon and his son Eddie are regulars at the show and they're into completely different things: rocks.

"I have everything from your basic trilobites and clam shells and shark's teeth to dinosaur eggs and dinosaur bones. I even have shrimp from Germany and fish from Wyoming," Eddie said.

"You're making me hungry," I commented.

"I know, right? I keep a whole smorgasbord. I even have the ammonites. We have calamari to go with it," Eddie smiled.

"Ooh, crunchy," I said.

"Yeah," he laughed.

This stuff is not from his back yard.

"From around the world," Eddie clarified.

And it's all for sale. His dad is a crystal fan. His dream rock is:

"A large rhodochrosite," Keith stated.

Eddie's dream fossil is a T-Rex skull.

"One of these days, right?" He laughed.

Keith doesn't like fossils as much because:

"I can't pronounce the names on them so why bother with them," Keith grinned.

"The other thing is we're kind of living fossils," I offered.

"Well, you know, one fossil to another, yeah, I prefer the living ones," Keith laughed.

"Did your dad get you into this?" I asked Eddie.

"Actually I got him into it it. I took him to his first show back in the early nineties," Eddie revealed.

"About the only thing I remember about that gem and mineral show was the Rock Food Table was there, and that was so impressive that I keep that in my mind ever since. And of course we've got it here," Keith said.

"And you bought it," I pointed out.

"And I bought it, yeah," Keith said.

He donated it to the club to make sure it's always at the Tyler show.

"Wow, I'm thinking somebody needs some lotion," I said to a couple people looking at Eddie's fossil bear claw.

You never know what kind of fossils or gems you'll find at the Gemstone and Mineral Showcase.

The twenty-second annual show runs Friday Saturday and Sunday, and the Rock Food Table alone is worth the price of admission: Five dollars for adults and just a buck for the kids. Click here for more information.

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