'This Is Us' defends Crock-Pot to angry viewers

'This Is Us' defends Crock-Pot to angry viewers

(KLTV) - Editor's Note: This story may contain spoilers about plotlines involved in "This Is Us."

Millions of "This is Us" viewers are simmering over the latest "This is Us" storyline in which a much-beloved character possibly dies after a mishap with a Crock-Pot.

Crock-Pot's stock dropped and upset fans even threatened to throw away their appliances. The show's writers even got involved.

It all started when the show's account, which has 288,000 Twitter followers, tweeted about the most recent episode dropping this bomb, "This one's going to hurt."

We didn't know what we were in for, but we did watch, along with millions of other viewers. Many of those viewers tweeted their response to things that happened during the episode. 

But, as usual with this well-written drama, the tears came.

You see, something happened. An old-school Crock Pot started a fire in the home of Jack and Rebecca Pearson. Viewers are led to believe one of them will not survive the fire. Not only did the storyline make fans weep with sadness ...

...but it also made them angry. At a Crock Pot.

They even called for a boycott. We hope they were kidding.

Crock Pot's maker noticed the emotional uproar, and responded with kindness and information.

One of the writers of This Is Us felt he needed to say something when he saw the number of tweets condemning the use of Crock Pots.

Crock Pot's official account tweeted their gratitude to Fogelman.

And some of the more rational fans spoke up for wise use of appliances.

And someone with a great sense of humor and great timing created a Twitter account called "Pearson Family Crock Pot."

The old Crock Pot says it's going to a support group as a result of the trauma. 

Honestly, we think that new and well cared for Crock Pots are fine and we have lots of recipes to use with them on our kitchen app. Make a big pot of soup or chili and enjoy!  Click here to see a few of those recipes.

Here are a few Crock Pot safety tips for you, from the folks at The Kitchn.

Get a new Crock Pot if yours is showing any of these signs:

1.  The cord is fabric-wrapped, indicating it is old and not up to today's safety standards.

2. The insert is not removeable. Again, this is an indicator of an old slow cooker that is not up to current safety standards. (Plus, they're harder to wash!)

3. The lid doesn't fit the insert well. This will mean too much steam will escape and you'll end up with dry meats.

4. It's not heating up properly. It may indicate that the heating elements are old and/or damaged. 

A simple online search for slow cooker safety tips can answer even more questions about your Crock Pot's safety. 

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