Husband Pleas For Help Finding Missing Wife, Three Kids

"I've been with her nine years. She wouldn't have just left like this." Caddo Smith says the last time he saw his wife, Kissie, she was waking him up around 8 Saturday morning to take him to work. "She had already tried to wake me up and I was trying to play possum and go back to sleep," says Caddo. He says she stepped out telling him she'd be back shortly to get him, but she never returned. Family and friends began a desperate search.
"I got scared when I saw her blow dryer. My wife's the kind of woman that when she wakes up you know she's gonna clean herself up and all that stuff. When I seen her blow dryer and her makeup, that's when I went to pieces to be honest with you." Brownsboro Police are investigating this as a missing person's case and have not received any significant leads. Meanwhile, since the family's disappearance the Smith residence sits empty. A pair of shoes at the front door, likely belonging to one of the kids. Painful memories too much for Caddo to bear, not knowing what happened to his family. "We've got pictures [inside the house] that my kids have drawn and stuff like that and I look at them and think of them and then I think that somebody may be doing something to my children." Because much of their searches has been fruitless, Caddo is hoping someone out there recognizes these faces and calls police. "Let's say she did leave me and don't want to see, I don't have to know where she's at, just pick up the phone and say she's ok." Police are not issuing an Amber Alert because they don't believe this is a criminal abduction and they do not suspect foul play.

Kissie was last seen driving a 2004 Gray Dodge Quad Cab Pick-Up with Texas license plate number 81F-PT1.  The truck has decals on the front and side windows that say the business name "Smith Seal."  If you have any information on their whereabouts you're asked to call Brownsboro Police.

Christine Nelson reporting.