Better East Texas: Traffic safety monitoring needed

(KLTV) - We have all seen crosses and memorial displays on the side of roadways where loved ones have created markers at places where friends and family members have died in car accidents.  What is more troubling is when you see multiple crosses and markers in the same location suggesting that more than one accident has occurred or that multiple deaths and injuries happened at that spot.

As traffic congestion builds in Tyler, Longview and other cities, people get impatient and speed when the road ahead of them opens. We also encounter wildlife moving across roadways that must be avoided, and then there are drivers who are operating vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No matter what the cause, people die.

But there is also another cause that city and county governments can address, and that is roadway design, safety signage and speed limit laws. For example, a quick web search reveals multiple fatalities on Grande Avenue in Tyler, right in the same area.  And there are memorials that mark the spot of the accidents.  There are different causes of each accident, and some of them cannot be controlled, like poor decisions by drivers, but we need action through our municipal governments to control what we can.

Elected officials and law enforcement must have regular review of roadways, and then they need to act when safety barriers, signage, speed changes - whatever - can be improved.  It may save a life and prevent another family from placing a marker where a loved one lost their life, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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