Police Release Sketch Of Police Impersonator

Police release a sketch of the man they believe has been passing himself off as a law enforcement officer over the past few weeks. Officials say the impersonator has pulled over women on Highway 110 and Highway 64 near Ben Wheeler. Authorities say the man has even showed up to one of the women's work place to talk to her.

Witnesses describe him as a white male, in his 20s or 30's. He's about 6 feet tall, weighing about 200 lbs. He has dark hair, a military cut and has a goatee mustache. He has a muscular build. He usually wears a dark uniform without a badge.

For now the police want you to make sure the person pulling you over is legitimate. "Don't pull over right away. Go to an area that's populated, a convenience store, some type of other store that's around. Don't unlock your doors, roll the window down. Make sure that he is a police officer. If you've got a cell phone call 911, and say hey, do I really have a police officer behind me trying to pull me over," says Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.

The man has been seen driving both a dark, four-door car with a single red light on the roof and a 1994 or 1995, gray, four-door Isuzu trooper with a dent on the left rear side. He had a U.S. navy bumper sticker on the back of his car. The man did not have a license plate on the front of the vehicle, but had paper tags on the back. If you have any information, call Tyler police.

Oralia Ortega, reporting. ortega@kltv.com