Mesotherapy Treatment Gaining Popularity

Countless treatments, pills and products on the market promise a quick fix to losing weight and getting rid of cellulite. One gaining popularity -- a procedure called mesotherapy. The treatment involves injecting natural ingredients into areas you want to get rid of fat.

"Up until about six years ago I quit exercising completely and that's when I started having a little trouble," says Tammie Whittington. The trouble for Tammy included some fat around her stomach. "I just wanted a quick fix. I didn't want to have to diet. I didn't want to go to the gym. I wouldn't even think about doing lipo," she says.

That's when she decided to try a procedure at the Quantum Healing Institute and Day Spa in Tyler where she works. The treatment is called mesotherapy. The procedure dissolves fat and reduces the appearance of cellulite by injecting a combination of vitamins, drugs and supplements into the middle layer of the skin.

Doctor Peter de Wet says he's performed the procedure on about 150 patients in the past two years. "We go into what's called the mesotherapy layer, which is the lower layer of the skin and the fat tissue. The ingredients in the injection flows into the fat tissue from there," say de Wet.

Patients require from as little as one treatment to as many as 15, depending on the area they want to treat and the kind of results desired. Tammy says she's lost 20 pounds since her first treatment in November. "There's no scars. You're not sick. I swelled up just a little bit," says Tummies. And after getting her 50 injections, Tammy was up and back at work.

Some plastic surgeons are not convinced of the effectiveness of mesotherapy. There is also no published scientific studies demonstrating if the effects of mesotherapy are permanent, or how safe it is. Each treatment takes between 15 and 30 minutes and costs between $200 to $295.

Oralia Ortega, reporting.