Storm Rumbles Through Longview Causing Damage

Witnesses believe a tornado hit a lumber yard causing thousands of dollars in damage during a heavy rain storm that roared through Longview. The roofs of buildings were ripped off at Bobo Lumber on Highway 31 between Longview and Kilgore. Winds were strong enough to move steel supports off the slab in a work area. Power poles were snapped and power lines were left dangling near the ground. No one was injured but the owner says thousands of dollars in damage was done, and he may have to close for as long as a week for repairs.

In Longview, witnesses say that lightning hit a huge oak tree splitting it and sending it crashing down on top of a home. It happened around 5:30 at a residence on Pegues near 4th street. Fortunately no one was injured inside the home and the tree did minimal damage. Short city power outages were also reported during the storm.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.