Better East Texas: Levar Ball negates son's punishment, does him more harm than good

(KLTV) - It is likely that if you polled basketball fans last spring and asked them their impression of LeVar Ball, you would have been met with some confused and lost responses.

LeVar Ball played college basketball but never made it to the NBA.  But he has made a new name for himself as his son's all have dreams of being NBA stars.  One of his sons, Lonzo may realize that dream as he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. But one of his other sons, LiAngelo, a college student at UCLA, made news recently when he was arrested for shoplifting in China – a crime that brings years of jail time in that country.

LiAngelo was released and but was suspended by the team. 

Well dad LeVar decided to pull his son out of the UCLA program because of the punishment handed down by the school.  He will now prepare for the NBA draft at some point in the future.  LeVar Ball is that over-bearing parent that says he has his sons' best interest in heart, but is truly doing them a disservice – in fact, creating an expectation for life that is not accurate.

The elder Ball's actions send the message that there are not consequences for your actions and that authority can be skirted if you are an athlete.  Dad is making an ignorant and arrogant mistake. Ultimately, the ball brothers may turn out to be great basketball players, but their dad is setting them up for societal and personal failure, and really shouldn't that be what he is working against more than anything?

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