Christian Wrestling Federation Brings Entertainment,Testimony To Tyler

The sport of wrestling does not often bring to mind the image of life changing testimonies and Christian ministry.
But that's exactly the focus of one unique group of athletes.
Their called the Christian Wrestling Federation. The group was in Tyler Saturday night for a show and we found the only thing bigger than their muscles is their faith.
We sat down with Rob, Tim and Chris, also known as, "Jesus Freak" "Tim Storm" and "Chris Idol."
"We've done almost 200 shows in the last 5 years and seen over 5,000 people give their lives to Christ at our events," Rob said.
The three are the first members of the Christian Wrestling Federation. It all started with Rob, who wrestled on the independent circuit.
"Really didn't like it, didn't like the things I was seeing. (I) got no enjoyment out of it," Rob said.
So, he told a minister and friend. "He said well there's your ministry right there."
In 1999 the CWF was born. Members have joined through word of mouth.
"It's what God wanted me to do," Tim said. "I mean it's been the greatest spiritual experience of my life. It's a lot of fun."
"It's my consistency, it's what keeps me consistent spiritually," Chris said.
Their events intertwine wrestling with Christian testimonies.
"Basically its the story of good and evil," Chris explained."We keep it simple and keep our faith simple and just share that message that good,Christ, is always going to win."
The sometimes violent nature of wrestling has raised some questions over the mixture with Christianity. The men say their show is all clean.
"We realize that you have to have the wrestling and it's got to be good wrestling," Tim said. "It's not a bunch of guys going out there walking through a dance routine. It's very spontaneous."
Their efforts can best be summed up by their motto, a verse from first Corinthians: "I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means, I might save some."
"That's who we are," Rob said. "We're trying to reach lots of people and we have to get on their level. It's not about what goes on up there in the ring."
The Christian Wrestling Federation will be one of several groups featured in a documentary about Christian based organizations. That documentary is expected to air on HBO at the end of the year.

Maya Golden reporting,