How cold is it? East Texans weigh in

How cold is it? East Texans weigh in
How cold? Well, it froze a few flowers. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It's January, and although that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be cold in East Texas, it is this time around. We asked a few people who had to get out in it, 'just how cold is it?'

Albert Scott said, "It's so cold I can't hardly make it."

Normally when you see a frozen fountain, you think it's far north of Texas, but this time around it's in the middle of Longview. We haven't had any precipitation here, and it's a good thing, because anywhere there was standing water or where sprinklers came on, like at the Gregg County Courthouse, the water quickly became ice.

And people had to work in it or get out and about, like around the courthouse, so I braved the weather to ask people: How cold is it?

Jose Martinez said, "It's so cold that it's typical East Texas Weather."

Buford Glidwell agreed: "It's so cold it's typical East Texas Weather."

Joe Tyler said, "My truck would barely start."

Dora Bennett said, "It's not just cold, it's nice and crisp."

Dakota Smith said, "It's so cold my fingers are hurting."

Judy Lee said, "It's so cold I don't want to answer your question. I want to get warm."

Bridgett Jackson said, "It's so cold I wish I was at home."

Connie Johnson said, "It's so cold but I don't even care, because I didn't get selected for Grand Jury."

Maria Galvan said, "It's so cold, it's perfect."

Caci Smith said, "It's so cold it hurts my face."

Steven Bounds said, "It's so cold it's like summer in Oregon."

Regina Tatum said, "It's so cold that my olive oil gelled."

"Gellin' like a felon," I offered.

"Yeah," Regina laughed.

Mixed opinions there, but all agree it's pretty chilly.

The most ironic thing about January 2, 2018? Well, according to NASA, today is perihelion, the closest Earth's orbit gets to the sun this year. But apparently even that won't alter whatever East Texas weather decides to do.

The East Texans we spoke with today were just glad they didn't have to deal with ice. And, in case you're wondering NASA also says it's the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth that causes global, and East Texas' weather patterns, not so much the Earth's elliptical orbit.

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