First Alert Weather Days continue through Wednesday morning

First Alert Weather Days continue through Wednesday morning

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - First Alert Weather Days will continue through late Wednesday morning due to the length of time very cold temperatures will remain across East Texas.

We do anticipate temperatures to finally rise above freezing for several hours during the day on Wednesday. Temperatures will fall well below freezing again on Thursday and Friday morning, but afternoon highs should be well into the 40s, so some thawing will be possible during the day.

Hard Freeze Warnings are in effect for most of the area as low temperatures should drop into the teens once again. Due to the clouds today, highs may not escape the lower 30s or even the upper 20s in East Texas, so please continue to keep the 4 Ps in the forefront of your mind.

Please make sure everyone is warm. Check on the elderly and those that live alone. Make sure they are warm. Have a warm place for your outdoor pets to stay...having them indoors for a few more days is the best that we can do for them. Pipes need to remain insulated/covered because of this cold snap.

If you have any plants that have made it through this cold period, keep them covered or inside for at least a few more days.

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