Freedom Fighter: L. O. Kelley

L. O. Kelley says he lived twenty years in three years time during World War Two. Early in the war,Kelley's ship was shipwrecked on The Great Barrier Reef where he spent two days without food before being rescued. But he says that was nothing compared to the invasion of the Philipines. The ship carrying Kelley was strafed and bombed by Japanese suicide planes, flying so low Kelley could see the pilot's faces. When Allied forces landed, they immediately began digging in. The foxholes would ultimately become thier homes for over three weeks. During that time they were surrounded and outnumbered by Japanese soldiers. Allied supply lines were cut off and Kelley had only seabiscuits and hot tea for food during that time. In late 1944, the Allies retook the Philipines and in 1945 the war ended. A decorated war hero, L. O. Kelley returned home to Big Sandy.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.