Guilty Verdict In Upshur Beheading Trail

A guilty verdict was handed down Friday to a Gilmer man on trial for murder, and a jury has set the punishment at 10 years in prison. Family and friends of murder victim Joe Nickelbur, waited nervously in Upshur County court today as a jury took five and a half hours of deliberation.

The jury found enough evidence that Jeremy Narramore helped his brother, and another man, beat, stab and behead Joe Nickelbur in April last year, and convicted him of manslaughter. The verdict was welcome news to Nickelbur's family.

"It's a prayer answered to my entire family man, for the first few days i thought he was going to get completely off and walk out these doors" said Joe Nickelburs' nephew Sammy Collier.

For four days, attorneys had hotly contested the extent of Narramore's involvement in the killing, with the defense saying there was no evidence to show he participated. The prosecution saying he actively took part.

"Any human being that can do what they done to my brother does not need to walk the streets again. He was a good man I don't care what everybody else says, he was a big hearted person , I'm sorry but Jeremy deserves everything he's getting and I thank God he got it, I thank God he did" said Nickelburs' sister Carol Barrett.

As for the two other suspects in the case, Scott Narramore's trial will begin later this month. Jason Baughman is expected to avoid trial by pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.