Service dog returned to boy after getting lost during wreck

Service dog returned to boy after getting lost during wreck

ANDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A dog went missing Sunday after falling out of a car during a one-vehicle rollover accident.

Tennessee Colony and Anderson County first responders took it upon themselves to reunite one boy with his service dog.  Cassandra Crystal and her two kids were traveling to Palestine when their car rolled over on Highway 287, north of FM 645.

Tennessee Colony and Anderson County crews responded to the scene. After making sure the family was well, they noticed the family's dog was missing.

"A small dog was missing; it got thrown out of the vehicle," said Doug Lightfoot, Anderson County Constable for precinct 2

Patches is the Crystal family's service dog and the pup provides comfort to Cassandra's 8- year-old son, who has autism.

Once learning about the importance of Patches, the first responders began to search for her, while the family was taken to the hospital.

"We were walking up and down the highway trying to locate her, several went in to the woods, driving up and down side roads," said Graig Davis with the Tennessee Colony Fire Department.

With no luck on their search the crew turned to social media they turned to social media.

It wasn't long before residents of Tennessee Colony and surrounding areas knew about the search for patches.

"We had about 5,000 hits," said Christina Crockett, Anderson County Emergency Manager. "We had reshares and people responding; they would keep a look out."

After hours and hundreds of shares, a resident spotted the dog, and Patches was taken home.

"We brought her home, and my son was saying 'they never stopped looking for her' and he was able to sleep last night," said Crystal.

Crystal credits the first responders who went above and beyond their duty for the comfort that was returned to her son.

The Crystal family is now recovering in their home in Palestine with minor scratches and bruises. As for Patches, she suffered cuts on her paws and face.

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