A 17-Year-Old Boy Admits To Trashing East Texas

Pieces of evidence found in trash on Smith County rural roads, cost an East Texas teenager hundreds of dollars. Constable Frank Creath of Smith County has found three different loads of the same type of household trash, along County Road 1100 and County Road 1101. He says the trash has personal information in it, showing the dumpers are people who live nearby.

"The people moved from Mt. Pleasant," said Creath. "This is the garbage that was left over from the move, so rather than taking it to the dump and properly disposing of it, someone disposed of it beside the road."

That someone was a 17-year-old boy living at the home on County Road 1100, the address found in the trash. Creath talked to the boy who said his parents told him to get rid of it. Constable Creath has not spoken to the parents and says he's not sure where the parents told their son to take it, but says the parents are responsible.

"If someone admits to doing it, certainly they will readily be called to clean it up," said Creath.

The boy was issued a $500 fine by the judge. He was also required to clean up the trash, which he did this afternoon.

Molly Reuter, reporting mreuter@kltv.com