Son, Attorney React To Smith County Grand Jury Decision

After hours of testimony, a Smith County grand jury made its decision. A Tyler police officer will not face any criminal charges in connection with an arrest involving two Hispanic men.

Officer Dale Feuquay was no-billed last night. He was found innocent on two cases of oppression, assault and injury to an elderly man during an arrest July 15th. Feuquay pulled over Ramon Gomez and his passenger, Jose Romero, by mistake, thinking they were suspects in a drive-by shooting. He pulled them over only after Gomez fled from police. The grand jury did, however, find enough evidence to indict Gomez for evading arrest.

KLTV spoke with Greg Porter, the attorney handling Ramon Gomez's civil case. Porter he said he was a bit surprised by the grand jury's decision on the criminal case. He says his firm plans to continue its investigation to determine whether a civil case will be filed against the Tyler Police Department.

Jose Romero's son, Juan Huerta, calls the grand jury's decision to "no-bill" officer Feuquay "an injustice." Huerta says his father still suffers from physical pain from that night's incident, saying he was beaten and thrown to the ground. Huerta says Feuquay should be held accountable for his actions. "It was wrong what the police officer did. It's like he grabbed a kid and would have hit the kid. Like you saw in the newspaper, it looks like he really did abuse the person during the arrest," says Huerta.

At this time, the other man accusing Fuquay, Ramone Gomez, has been advised to abstain from making any comments regarding the grand jury's decision. His lawyer, Greg Porter, says he is now in the process of finding a criminal attorney for his client in the evading arrest indictment.

Oralia Ortega, reporting,