A 17-Year-Old Smith County Boy Is Fined For Dumping Trash

The trash just keeps piling up in East Texas and people are not going far to dump it.  Trash found in three different locations is thought to all come from the same household.

"What we did on this is many pieces of mail had addresses on it," said Smith County Constable Frank Creath.  "There were a lot of personal paper and things here."

Those names and addresses lead Creath to a house on County Road 1100, the same road the trash was dumped on.

"The people moved from Mount Pleasant to this area," said Creath.  "This is the garbage that was left over from the move, so rather than taking it to the dump and properly disposing of it someone disposed of it beside the road."

That someone was a seventeen-year-old boy living in that house.  The boy said his parents told him to get rid of the trash.  When first asked about the trash the boy claimed he did not know what Creath was talking about.  The boy later turned himself in.

"If someone admits to doing it certainly they will readily be called on to clean it up," said Creath.

The judge fined the boy five-hundred dollars and required him to clean up the trash, which he did this afternoon.

Molly Reuter, Reporting mreuter@kltv.com