Grand Jury "No Bills" Tyler Officer In "Excessive Use of Force" Case

A Smith County grand jury said a Tyler police officer is innocent of any criminal wrong-doing in an "excessive use of force" case. However, the police department's investigation is not over.
The grand jury's decision came down late Thursday night.

Officer Dale Feuquay was no-billed on all criminal charges. Feuquay faced two cases of oppression, one case of assault and one case of injury to the elderly.  It all centered around the July 15th arrest of Jose Romero and Ramon Gomez after a drive-by shooting. Both men were later cleared in the shooting.

The grand jury did indict Gomez for evading arrest that night.

"Now it comes back to the internal part of the department for the investigation," said Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle. Chief Swindle said the department will reopen its internal investigation.

"We have several policies and procedures that we have to follow that involve use of force. So, just because something is not criminal, does not necessarily mean there's not a violation of policy."

Thursday night, Officer Dale Feuquay was no-billed on all criminal charges after more than 10 hours of testimony. The grand jury also reviewed the action of other officers during the arrest. According to the Smith County District Attorney's office, "the grand jury did not find that any criminal conduct had been committed by any other Tyler police officer."

"It's not just centered around that one officer," Swindle said, "but we'll review all the actions for any policy violations, procedure violations that related to this incident."

Swindle said the department will closely examine the dash-cam video from the July 15th incident, comparing the video to department policy.

"We're going to do everything to assure the citizens here that we have an outstanding department here, we're capable of having an internal investigation and internal checks."

Chief Swindle said Dale Feuquay will remain on paid leave until the internal investigation is concluded and a decision on the officer's action is made. Swindle expects that to be completed in the next two weeks.

Maya Golden, reporting,