Plumbers preparing for freezing pipes

Plumbers preparing for freezing pipes

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - With the threat of freezing temperatures looming for East Texas, one profession is preparing to be on call 24-7. Plumbers.

It's a busy and often miserable time for plumbers, working in freezing temperatures trying to help get the water running again.

Plumbers are preparing for what they know will come, frozen and broken pipes."There's not anything we can do until the pipes thaw," says Joshua Nunn of Holt plumbing.

Every winter past that had a hard freeze, plumbers say the same type of problems occur."People leaving their water hoses on freezes the pipes. Most times a bust is at an outside faucet," says Glen Parker of Parker plumbing.

Most say pier and beam homes are the most vulnerable."Pier and beam houses not having pipes insulated, don't have under-skirting underneath so the wind gets underneath there," Parker says.

Though it's a busy time for plumbers, it's not one they look forward to.
Working in miserable conditions."When it's cold it's miserable when it's wet it's even worse," says plumber Clarence Coontz.

Plumbers we spoke with say to avoid frozen pipes, either wrap the pipes outside and under the home where you're able to, or use insulation around the pipes.
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