2017 viral videos in review

2017 viral videos in review
(Source: The Steve Harvey Show)

(KLTV) - As 2017 comes to a close, we've taken a look back at some of the top stories, not only from across the nation, but also here in East Texas. But what about the stories that went viral, the ones people just can't get enough of?

From videos, to pictures-- quite a few struck a chord with so many people here in our community.

We start with one of the cutest -- a familiar face, who used to be part of the KLTV family.

4-year-old Tanner, son of former KLTV news anchor Taylor Hemness, is one video that no one can really forget.
He became a viral sensation for a few reasons.
A. Because he's adorable. 
But mainly B: Because in the video -- he recites the alphabet. A little differently. 
Tanner can recite the alphabet, but with each letter, a Bible verse to go with it. 
It reached millions of views... And even landed him a trip to New York City to hang out with Steve Harvey with his proud dad by his side.

Next, a rare deer sighting in East Texas results in a viral video and the search for a beautiful creature.

A Longview woman spotted the fallow deer on Loop 281 at FM 1845.This kind of deer is not native to the United States, but Western Eurasia.

In Hawkins, some East Texas men gained national attention for wrangling a 10 foot, 5 inch long alligator, one that ended up on their property eyeing livestock for… a snack maybe. 
In the end--- it all ended well.  The cows are safe. The alligator was removed safely.
And that guy's hand...he still has it.

Another viral story was about a letter written by a mom in Athens to the nurses of her 2-year-old daughter. Little Sophie is battling t-cell lymphoma. Shelby Skiles started the Facebook page in May, called Sophie the Brave, to post about her daughter's battle with t-cell lymphoma and a tumor on her heart. 
The letter read in part.. " I see you. I sit on this couch all day long and i see you. You try so hard to be unnoticed by me and my child. You say "no owies" and "I'm sorry" more times in one day than most people say "thank you." A beautiful letter, indeed..

After a video went viral featuring a nun cutting down trees with a chainsaw, she was honored by a former NBA player for taking action during the clean-up after Hurricane Irma.
Sister Ann is the principal at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School. She has a love of basketball and she's good with a chainsaw. The viral video shows Sister Ann cutting down trees in a full habit, clearing the roads so vehicles could pass through.

Like most 20-something's, Jelani the gorilla likes losing himself in internet videos, especially when it includes girls.Check out this snapchat video, where a Louisville zoo visitor shows Jelani photos of female gorillas. He taps on the glass to signal he's ready for the next photo-- apparently, his way of "swiping left." 
As it turned out, Jelani loves looking at any photos on visitors' phones. His keeper says the 20-year-old has been doing it for awhile.

Next, check out this big ol' pig. It's not every day you see a huge hog roaming the streets.
But a woman captured pictures of this one walking around an Alabama neighborhood.
Price says she was scared and shocked that it was just walking around a neighborhood, but she couldn't resist the temptation to snag a few pictures and video.

Some Hurricane Irma emergency responders in Florida have prompted a response of their own from loads of Facebook admirers. It started with a Facebook post featured three Gainesville police officers preparing for duty. The post created its own storm after scores of women began inquiring …some in more graphic fashion than others…about the officers'' relationship statuses.The department ended up posting more hunky hurricane heroes, and the idea spread to many departments across the country. 

Now to the dramatic finish at the Dallas marathon weeks ago. A woman helped across the finish line by a fellow racer -- and handed the win. For about the last mile, Chandler Self struggled to keep on her feet. She says she didn't think she could will her legs to carry her over the finish line, and that's about the time when a high school relay runner fell into step beside her. Each time Self faltered,  the woman gave her encouragement and helped her stay on her feet.  And at the end, Self won... due in large part to help from her new friend.

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