Extended period of sub-freezing temperatures heading for East Texas

Extended period of sub-freezing temperatures heading for East Texas

(KLTV) - We continue to pinpoint the cold air that is on its way to East Texas.

The cold front is scheduled to move through our area on Saturday afternoon/early evening. Not too much cold air is immediately behind the front, but we will really start to notice the temperature drop during the day on Sunday. The high temperature for Sunday is likely to occur shortly after midnight, Sunday morning, and the low for Sunday will likely occur just before midnight, Sunday night.

Once the temperatures drop below freezing early Sunday evening, they are likely to stay at or below freezing for as many as 60-65 hours, or until late morning on Wednesday. There may be a few hours during the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday where temperatures near freezing, but it won't last long, even under partly cloudy skies.

There is a slight chance for mixed, wintry precipitation on Sunday afternoon and into the evening hours in the form of a few light flurries, light freezing rain or light freezing drizzle. No significant accumulations are expected at this time. There may be some slick spots developing on bridges and overpasses Sunday evening, otherwise, we should be okay with regards to hazardous driving conditions.

Once again...it is very important to remember the 4 Ps. Make sure everyone is warm during this time period. Make sure your outdoor pets are either indoors or have a warm place to stay. Cover any tender plants that have made it through the winter so far, or bring them in. With temperatures expected to remain at or below freezing for numerous hour, make sure your exposed pipes are wrapped/insulated from this extended period of sub-freezing temperatures.

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