East Texas weather year in review

East Texas weather year in review

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It was a wild weather year, that really hit close to home when seven tornadoes touched down on April 29 across Henderson, Hopkins, rains and Van Zandt counties, also claiming the lives of four people.

That EF-4 tornado was the highest rated tornado in Van Zandt County since 1950.

Today, residents are still rebuilding.

On May 11, a tornado touched down in Gladewater. Along with its path, this tornado sheared the tops off of numerous trees while also snapping and uprooting others. The parent supercell thunderstorms also produced damaging straight-line winds.

Then, on May 28th a strong EF-1 tornado ripped through Longview along Pine Tree Road, as it uprooted and twisted numerous trees, with several landing on homes. The tornado caused the most visible damage along its path where it collapsed a steel dome. Tropical storm Cindy was the first tropical cyclone to make landfall in Louisiana since hurricane Isaac in 2012. The third named storm of the season, Cindy hit on June 22nd, quickly weakening. Cindy was responsible for at least two deaths along the gulf coast and another indirect fatality in Tennessee.

Catastrophic rainfall is what much of the Houston area will remember after hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast on Aug., 25. It made landfall near Port Aransas as a Category 4.

As Harvey moved inland, its forward motion slowed to near 5-mph resulting in a rapid development of flash flooding as tremendous rainfall rates occurred across much of Harris County. All of this rainfall caused catastrophic drainage issues and made rivers rise greatly. Thousands of people had to be rescued from their homes as flood waters rose destroying entire neighborhoods.

A year of strong hurricanes, Irma followed next in September. It was an extremely powerful and catastrophic hurricane. It was the first category 5 hurricane to strike the Leeward Islands on record, followed by hurricane Maria two weeks later, and is unofficially the second-costliest Caribbean hurricane on record, which was also surpassed by hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria was the 10th most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. It is regarded as the worst natural disaster on record in Dominica and caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. It was the second category 5 hurricane of the hyperactive 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. At its peak, the hurricane caused catastrophic damage and numerous fatalities across the northeastern Caribbean. At least 103 people are confirmed to have been killed by the hurricane.

Moving into the fall, we saw our first freeze on Oct., 28 and much of Texas including parts of East Texas saw their first snowfall of the season on Dec. 7, and in some parts their first snowfall since the 1980's. Rounding out a year of several weather events that won't soon be forgotten.

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