'Cold Snap' headed to ETX; expect freezing temperatures next week

'Cold Snap' headed to ETX; expect freezing temperatures next week

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - We continue to pinpoint the forecast for the "Cold Snap" that is heading for East Texas.

It still looks like a strong cold front is expected to pass through East Texas during the day on Saturday, ushering in the coldest air of the winter season, so far. Temperatures are expected to be near the freezing mark at or near 8 PM on Sunday Evening and will be near or below freezing until sometime on Wednesday morning. There could be a few hours on Monday and Tuesday during the afternoon where temperatures rise a degree or two above freezing but they will drop well into the lower 20s, and possibly into the upper teens, both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. So, we could see as many as 55-65 hours at or below freezing during this time period.

There will also be a slight chance for some mixed, wintry precipitation late Sunday night/early Monday morning in the form of some sleet or light freezing drizzle/rain. Because of this, we could see some issues on bridges and overpasses during the night on Sunday and/or early on Monday morning. We will continue to pinpoint the times on this as we get closer.

The 4 Ps. Yes, we will need to keep these in the forefront of our minds during this time period. Preparation is needed for exposed pipes. Temperatures will be cold enough, long enough, to cause exposed pipes to burst. We are giving you fair warning so that this doesn't happen. So, please prepare ahead of time. As always, make sure that everyone is warm during this extended period of cold weather. Make sure your pets are indoors or have a warm place to stay. If you have any tender vegetation that has made it through the winter so far, make sure they are well-insulated or brought indoors.

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