House catches fire while family is out of town

House catches fire while family is out of town
TYLER, OK -- Tyler fire crews worked for hours this morning, to extinguish a house fire just south of Tyler junior college.
According to Tyler fire officials, around 8:30 a.m., fire crews responded to reports of smoke coming from the roof of a house near the intersection of Magnolia Drive and 6th Street.
Five engines, a ladder truck, a district chief, and an investigator were at the scene of the blaze.         
It took more than three hours to put the house fire out.

"Trying to get to this one has been difficult."
s Deputy Fire Marshal Devin Grider says not only did the age of the home make it difficult, but the cold weather made for an even greater challenge.
"Not only the effects of the cold on our body but it also causes the smoke to bank downward instead of going up and away which is an additional challenge for our people to stay out of the smoke, and away from the carcinogens that are in it," Deputy Fire Marshal Devin Grider says.
Fortunately, the family was out of town when the house caught fire early Wednesday morning.
But, fire officials say they were still worried for others; after the wind continued to push the fire towards neighboring homes.
"I woke up to a knock on the door, and the cops were telling us to move, get our cars, and get out. And I came outside and the whole house was burning down," next door neighbor, Eric Barber says.
The Fire Marshal says they are still investigating the cause of the fire, but nothing looks suspicious at this time.


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