One person injured in oilfield explosion

One person injured in oilfield explosion
Firefighters respond to a fire Tuesday on Highway 42 near the Longview Country Club. (Source: KLTV Staff)

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - An oilfield explosion rocked a quiet neighborhood near Gladewater,  leaving one victim burned and in a Shreveport hospital.

Several fire crews were called to the area north Lynn Street and Shepherd Street, where the explosion happened at a well-head on an oil lease road. The explosion from an oil lease area in this rural neighborhood rattled the ground miles away.

"We live close to a tree-line, and I thought a big tree had fallen. We felt the ground tremble, and we heard what you could describe as a rumble," says Chris Downing, who lives a few miles from the scene.

Firefighters say that one person was burned in the blast, severely from the waist up.

"The blast shook the ground. we didn't know how close it actually was," Downing says.

"We came over here, there was a lot of traffic, a plume of smoke at least 200 yards in the air, it was pretty high. Pretty scary," says neighbor Christopher Massey.

That person was taken to the Gladewater airport, then flown to the LSU burn center in Shreveport.

"We saw them put the man in the bed, and then in the helicopter," said Massey's son Hunter.

There is no official word on what caused the explosion and fire, or what the victim was doing at the time.

"If it would have been dry, it would have been real bad," Massey says.

The fire was doused, and investigators are looking into the cause.

The condition of the person injured has not been released.

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