ETX family celebrates 40 years of caroling

ETX family celebrates 40 years of caroling

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - For many families, traditions are part of the holiday festivities.

One family in East Texas has been sticking to one tradition of spreading Christmas cheer through song for several decades.

"It's our way of saying Merry Christmas to the neighbors," said Janice Tucker.

The Tucker family has gone caroling around their neighborhood in Gladewater for 40 years.

"My parents started this 40 years ago when we moved out here, said Tucker. "There are lots of songs that we always sing. So, it has kept us together as a family."

A few days leading up to Dec. 24, the family makes home-made candies like divinity, fudges, creams, and peanut brittle.

On Christmas Eve, as the sun was setting sisters, aunts, brothers, cousins and even friends loaded up a truck and drove down the street to visit about 14 homes.
"They know we are coming every year," said Tucker. "Every Christmas Eve we do it. It gives them joy and plus it's great candy."

At every home, the Tuckers were greeted with a smile.

"It's the joy of the season and the reason for the season is to celebrate Jesus Christ and that is what we do," said Janice.

The holiday cheer has been well received by their neighbors and the family says this tradition is not going anywhere.

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