Smith County Grand Jury Hears Police Investigation

A Smith County grand jury might have reached decision on whether or not to prosecute a Tyler police officer on excessive force charges.  Judge Jack Skeen told KLTV 7 news tonight, the grand jury did issue what they call a "true bill".  That means, they did take some legal action in a case heard in today's grand jury.  That action could involve the case of the Tyler police officer investigation or any case heard by the grand jury on Thursday.  That information legally can not be released until formally filed.

The highly-publicized police investigation is the result a July 15th incident, when police arrested two Hispanic men after a drive-by shooting.  The men were later cleared, but were charged with other crimes.  We were at the courthouse all day as witnesses paraded into and out of the grand jury room of the Smith County Courthouse.

Seventy-nine-year-old Jose Romero and 33-year-old Ramon Gomez-Alanize waited in the hall at the Smith County Courthouse, for the grand jury proceeding to get underway. Although Gomez-Alanize declined to do an on-camera interview, Romero talked to KLTV about what happened the night of July 15th. "He grabbed me. He threw me to the ground. That's all I know. I didn't see anything else. I lost consciousness," said romero in Spanish. Romero said because he doesn't speak English, he didn't understand what the officers were trying to say to him. "Yes, I could hear them, but since I don't speak English I didn't understand," he said.

KLTV now knows the name of the Tyler police officer being investigated for alleged use of excessive force. The offense report names Dale Feuquay as the officer in question. Tyler police would not confirm the officer's name. According to the report, Gomez-Alanize fled from officer Feuquay in a truck. Romero was a passenger in Gomez-Alanize's vehicle. Gomez-Alanize is charged with evading arrest, while Romero was charged with public intoxication. According to the Tyler Police Chief, officer Feuquay will remain on paid administrative leave until this case is closed.

The grand jury also got to hear today from at least four supervisors from the police department, including Assistant Chief Steve Sharron, and neighbors who witnessed the arrests. Oralia Ortega reporting,

Oralia Ortega, reporting.