Police searching for suspect in possible 'love triangle' shooting

Police searching for suspect in possible 'love triangle' shooting

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas home was shot multiple times on Thursday, and police are searching for the suspect.

It started at Woldert Park around 8 p.m. Thursday night, and ended in the 1300 block of West Queen Street in Tyler.
"People in the neighborhood said hey, this particular car shot at this house and sped away," Tyler Police Department Public Information Officer Don Martin says.
A 17-year-old girl was with her sister at a nearby park, when suddenly, a bottle was thrown at her head, and bullets started to fly.
"We get in the house and everything is messed up on the inside, we see bullet holes, all the shell casings and everything," the victim of the shooting says.

The victim's mother says the act was done by a man afraid to fight.

 "They were cowards, they didn't want to fight, so they used gun violence, and shot my house up," the mother of the victim says.

The 17-year-old believes the altercation started because of a love triangle gone bad.
"I guess she
s crazy, he told me he didn't have a girlfriend, i didn't know."

Now, Tyler police have issued an arrest warrant for 20-year-old Zechariah Smith, the man officials believe shot seven rounds from his vehicle.

"No one was home at the time, but due to the fact that the way the law is wrote, that if you actually shoot at a residence, it's a higher degree of penalty," Martin says. 

Smith is charged with deadly conduct, which is a 3rd degree felony, and his bond has been set at $75,000.

re going to get their day in court and when they do go to court, Im going to be there every day to make sure they get the maximum of what they need to get," the victims mother says.  

Crime Stoppers are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone information that leads to the arrest of Zechariah Smith.
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