Gilmer Murder Trial Goes To Jury

An Upshur County man's life now rests in the hands of a jury as to whether he is guilty in a case of murder and decapitation. Closing arguments were presented today in the murder trial of 24-year-old Jeremy Narramore. Prosecutors reenacted the grisly murder of Joe Nickelbur, off Cherokee Trace North of Gilmer in April of 2004, and urged jurors to find Narramore guilty.

The defense said there was no physical evidence linking Narramore to the murder or decapitation of Nickelbur. Jeremy, along with Scott Narramore and Jason Baughman, were arrested for the crime. Both sides made their plea to the jury.

"There is no evidence at all in this case from any witness that Jeremy Narramore stabbed Joe," said defense attorney David Griffith.

"He's guilty because the evidence in this case is substantial and cumulative of his role, he was in it," said Upshur County District Attorney Mike Fetters.

"We just want the truth and to try to figure out why they done what they done. Them boys sat up there and said we were Joe's friends blah blah. Well, friends don't do friends that way" said Joe Nickelbur's brother, Jasper Nickelbur.

Court adjourned early today and will resume with jury deliberations in the morning. Scott Narramore's trial will begin August 22nd. Jason Baughman is expected to avoid trail by pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.