Grand Jury Hears Police Excessive Force Case

New information tonight about an internal investigation into a Tyler police officer's possible use of excessive force.

Today, the case went before a grand jury and we now know who the officer is.

After the July 15 incident, the Tyler Police Department launched an internal investigation. Tyler Morning Telegraph published photos of the alleged incident. They were arrested for a shooting they were later cleared of.

The Tyler police chief says one of the men was pepper-sprayed.

The district attorney has been bringing in witnesses since about 9 this morning.

This afternoon, we got a copy of the offense report. It names Dale Feuquay as the Tyler police officer who arrested at least one of the alleged victims, Ramone Gomez, 33. Tyler police would not confirm the officer's name.

We talked to Gomez today, as he waited outside the grand jury room, but he would not comment on the incident. The offense report says Gomez fled from officer Feuquay in a truck.

His passenger has been identified as Jose Romero, 79. In Spanish, he told us, once police caught up with them, the officer pepper-sprayed him in the eyes, hit him, grabbed his shirt, and forced him to the ground. We asked Romero why his driver, Gomez, did not stop for police.

"That I don't know," he said in Spanish. "I went with him, but that's it. I didn't know. I was just going to my house."

Also going before the grand jury today: at least four supervisors from the Tyler Police Department, including Assistant Chief Steve Sharron, and neighbors who witnessed the arrests.

One of the assistant DA's said they expect the grand jury hearing to last until at least later this evening. There is a possibility they will have to reconvene next Thursday.

According to Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle, he will remain on paid administrative leave until there is a conclusion to the case.

Julie Tam, reporting.