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City Of Tyler Begins Series Of Demolitions

The city of Tyler has started demolishing 19 homes deemed unsafe, all due to structural problems. Crews knocked down one home today in the 800 bock of Mims St.

"So far, it's been just something that's been sitting there. When the wind blows, it tilts to the side," says Willer Green, who lives next door to the vacant home. Green says it was about time the house was knocked down. "It's a hazard to the neighborhood and to the kids that are playing in the neighborhood," he says.

Among some of the problems with the home: the wood is rotting, the walls are deteriorating and the structural support that holds the roof is missing. And, even more dangerous says City of Tyler Rehabilitation Neighborhood Specialist David Kirksey, "the structure itself is leaning. It's being propped up by two by fours, land timbers."

And that's why the city of Tyler decided to demolish this home. City officials hope a brand new home will be build in the vacant lot -- something neighbors say is a welcome idea. "It gives me a lot of relief, especially when my wife goes out in the morning or my daughter goes out, to know that there's nobody lurking around there or coming out of there unexpectedly," says Green.

The city plans to tear down three other homes this week. They're on 911 Britton, 927 Duckenfield and 2013 Woodlawn.

Oralia Ortega, reporting.


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