Brownsboro ISD student receives Christmas surprise

Brownsboro ISD student receives Christmas surprise

CHANDLER, TX (KLTV) - Most children hope to see all sorts of gifts under the tree for Christmas. But one East Texas girl wished for something different.

Laini House, 10, only wanted two things for Christmas; a kitten and to see her older brother. Thursday at Chandler Intermediate School, Laini got her Christmas wish.

U.S. Navy Logistics Specialist, Dustin House, surprised his little sister today after being apart for nine months. He has served in the U.S. Navy for almost two years in Virginia.

When she saw her brother, Laini was speechless. But she finally found the words to explain how she was feeling.

"... I just wanted to be with him and enjoy Christmas with him," she said.

Dustin already had two brothers when Laini came along. He said he is very happy to have a little sister that always looks out for him.

"She's always there and she's always caring about me," he said.

Laini and Dustin's mother, Wendy House, said despite the 10-year age difference her children are very close.

"Before we had her we asked Dustin what he would like (and) he said I want a baby sister," she said.

Laini is excited for Christmas, but she said she's mostly looking forward to playing video games with her brother.

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