Superheroes swarm Longview hospital

Superheroes swarm Longview hospital

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - You may be used to seeing them on the big screen, but maybe not in your neighborhood.

Operation Christmas Cheer brought in four superheroes rappelling down the side of Christus Good Shepherd in Longview. It was all to bring a few smiles to hospitalized children.

Yes, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and Superman - who shouldn't need a rope - were all precariously poised atop Christus Good Shepherd ready to drop in on a few hospitalized kids, without even invading their space.

Spider-Man sure enjoys it.

"You know, it makes your whole year; it makes your whole Christmas season, seeing these kids that are having to spend their time in a hospital and being able to bring a smile to their face makes it all worthwhile," said Spidey.

Don't tell anyone his secret identity is Steven Burt, mild-mannered SWAT guy.

Bryan Cheman and his son Brantley got a good close look at Spidey.

"He's not into action figures at this age. He's more like Paw Patrol of course, but he was a little freaked out with Spider-Man coming upside down, but it was pretty neat," Bryan said.

It was a nearly unprecedented team-up, and Santa even joined the group.

There was a mix of Marvel and DC characters.

"It just happened that way. We just decided to combine the two universes," Spidey explained.

Of course, once grounded, the heroes were inundated with fans wanting pictures, and they got them. Captain America, also known as Chris Taylor, also SWAT, says it's about the kids.

"Well the look on kids faces; the excitement and joy is all worth it. That's pretty much what it comes down to. You know after this we pass out gifts, toys to the kids," the Captain said.

And the heroes got down to business doing just that.

This is the fourth year for the heroes to rappel down the hospital's south tower. They say attendance outside grows a little more each year, and they plan on doing it again next December.

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