Interstate closed for several hours Wednesday after multi-vehicle wreck

Interstate closed for several hours Wednesday after multi-vehicle wreck

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A huge snarl developed on Interstate 20 after a chain reaction crash closed lanes for hours.

Five vehicles were involved in the crash on I-20 Wednesday between Highway 31 and FM 2087 in Gregg County.The scene on I-20 had traffic at a dead stop for miles, with a 5-vehicle wreck blocking the two westbound lanes.

"I was pretty nervous. I thought I was going to get hit, I felt the force of the right hand side," said motorist Marco Hernandez, who witnessed the wreck.

What may have started the chain reaction is a truck that was spotted in the water just off I-20.

"The vehicle was off the side of the road in deep water; the passers-by were concerned someone was in the vehicle. We wanted to make sure that nobody was in danger in that vehicle," said Josh Tubb of the Gregg County Sheriff's Office.

As water rescue and divers arrived, traffic began to slow around that point, except for an 18-wheeler driver.

"The 18-wheeler was driving pretty aggressively a couple of miles back. Traffic began to slow down a bit and he didn't slow down at all," Hernandez says.

On his way to the Frisco Bowl to support Louisiana Tech, Greg McCarter of Ruston, Louisiana, was the first hit.

"We slowed down for the accident in front of us and looked up and saw the 18-wheeler behind us and he didn't look like he was slowing down so I sped up as fast as I could to try to lessen the impact. Nowhere to go because of the side rail hear and traffic on the left." McCarter says. 

The 18-wheeler ran into the back of a pickup, then and RV, resulting in a chain reaction. Minor injuries were reported.

"I'm trying to catch a flight and I figured something like this would happen, there's always and accident. I didn't think I'd be this close to the accident. He just didn't slow down," says Hernandez. 

Investigators contacted the driver of the submerged truck who escaped safely. No word on what the 18-wheeler driver will be cited with yet. The McCarter family from Louisiana say that if the injured members of their family are treated and released, they will go on to attend the Frisco Bowl.

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