Precinct One Constable Henry Jackson to receive 'intent to suspend' peace officer license notice

Precinct One Constable Henry Jackson to receive 'intent to suspend' peace officer license notice

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A Smith County Constable's peace officer license is in the process of being suspended.

Precinct One Constable Henry Jackson is serving a six-month sentence in federal prison. In September, he was convicted on four charges of willful failure to pay federal income tax.

In May 2017, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), who issues peace officer licenses, placed an enforcement hold on Constable Jackson's license. Now, TCOLE is moving forward with a suspension of his license.

According to Gretchen Grigsby with TCOLE, "He will receive a notice of intent to suspend his license upon his release from jail." This will "allow him to have due process because he's only got 20 days to appeal a suspension".

TCOLE says their process is unrelated to the temporary suspension of Jackson as Precinct One Constable last week by a district judge.

According to Smith County Judge Nathan Moran, "Now that there has been a removal on the interim basis by the district court, Constable Jackson is no longer receiving pay and benefits."

His $10,000 bond was approved by the Smith County Commissioners today.

In the interim, Bobby Garmon is serving as the Precinct One Constable.

Moving forward, TCOLE's action on Henry Jackson's peace officer license could ultimately decide his fate as a constable.

According to Moran, "If TCOLE suspends his license, then there will likely be what's called a quo warranto proceeding that will seek to remove him permanently from that office…"However, if the board does not suspend his peace officer license, "He is still under the court order removal and until the court has a further order to put him back in that position of Constable for Precinct One, then the interim Constable, Constable Garmon will stay in that position."

If Constable Jackson's peace officer license is suspended, the suspension will last between 120 days to ten years.

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