East Texas Woman Celebrates 106th Birthday

East Texas Woman Celebrates 106th Birthday
TYLER, TX -- Alice Bradshaw of Van Zandt County is 106 today.  
More than a century worth of birthday songs all add up to what Bradshaw considers a life filled with faith and friendships.
"I’ve just had a lovely life all my years," Alice Bradshaw says.
Alice Bradshaw was born right here in east Texas in 1912.
Bradshaw has outlived her parents, her brothers and sisters, both husbands, and even her son who passed away just last year.
"I don't think I’ve ever had to worry about nothing," Bradshaw says.
So, what’s her secret?
"Always do something that you like, and make yourself do things that sometimes you don't want to do, there’s happiness later on for you," Bradshaw says.
Bradshaw worked as a church assistant since she was 11 years old.
She lived a peaceful country life on the farm and she adds living a stress-free life makes for a happy soul.
The birthday girl celebrated her 106 years with her nieces and nephews at the Briarcliff Health Center in Tyler, where the staff calls her a princess.
So for now, Ms. Bradshaw says she will continue to sing in the centers choir with her shiny red slippers, with a royal state of mind.