There's Nothing Like New Shoes

Every child likes to return to school with a brand new pair of shoes. And thanks to a group of ladies at a Tyler church, about 300 kids who might not be able to afford them, will be sporting new sneakers next week.

Tonight, Moms On A Mission, from Lanes Chapel Methodist began organizing hundreds of shoes they have purchased for children in need. The funding came from church members and local businesses. "And when we fill these needs we don't just take care of that child, we take care of every child in that family," says organizer Holly Primrose. "So if they have an older sibling or baby at home, we buy shoes for them."

Everyone who's getting shoes, has already placed an order for pick-up later this week. The church still needs to raise more money to provide for about 50 more children. If you can help, call 903-561-5703.

The church group hopes to repeat the Feet First For Kids project, same time next year.