Roaches, Rodents, Improper Temperatures Among Violations

Little Italy at 3320 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected July 20.  Pasta and eggplant were above 60F after six hours in cooler. Should have been cooled to 41F or below. Coolers were holding vegetables and cream at 52-55F. Should be 41F or below. Employees were not properly sanitizing equipment and were seen handling dirty, then clean, equipment without washing hands. Restaurant's thermometer for testing foods was 12 degrees off.

Total demerits: 27.  On a recheck August 4, coolers were holding food at 46-47F.  They should be 41F or below.  Rodent droppings were seen in outside dumpster enclosure. Cleaning and extermination was needed.

Total demerits: 6. Further recheck ordered, but not yet on file.

Crazy Buffet at 4015 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected June 30.  Eggs at 89F. Octopus at 55F. Crab salad at 51F. All should be 41f or below. Rice at 81F. Should be 140F or hotter. All products discarded. No soap used to wash hands. Raw beef and chicken stored together in same tub. Raw chicken stored above beef (products moved.) No paper towels at kitchen sinks. Dish machine was not sanitizing at time of inspection (corrected by manually washing dishes).  No certified food manager.

Total demerits: 27. No recheck ordered.

Texas Steakhouse at 2843 WNW Loop 323 in Tyler was inspected July 8. Melons and milk from 52-63F. Should be 41F or below. Worker handling dirty, then clean utensils without washing hands. Rodent droppings and live mice seen in storage area. Handsinks not accessible. Can opener and soft drink machine nozzles needed cleaning. No certified food manager.

Total demerits: 26. On a recheck July 25, a walk-in cooler above required 41F for cold foods. Foods not properly labeled.

Total demerits: 9. No recheck ordered.

Los Charles at 1510 E. Gentry in Tyler was inspected on June 30.  Beans and beef in cooler for more than 6 hours was above the required 41F. Products thrown out.  Employee handles mouse trap then washes hands without using soap. Dead mouse found below soda machine. Cooler condensation dripping on uncovered pans of food. Raw fish above produce and cooked items in cooler. Products moved.

Total demerits: 23. No recheck ordered.

Sam's Deli  at 6011 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected July 21. Macaroni and potato salad, milk, raw chicken, and ribs all above required 41F for cold foods. Employees handling different foods without gloves or sanitizing hands. Raw eggs and bacon stored above ready-to-eat foods. Dish machine not sanitizing. Corrected at time of inspection. Cutting boards needed proper cleaning and sanitization. No certified food manager.

Total demerits: 22. Recheck was ordered, but is not yet on file.

Bennigan's at 3304 Troup Highway in Tyler was inspected July 14. Salmon and shrimp in cooler above required 41F for cold foods. Raw fish stored above cooked chicken. Flies and roaches seen in food prep areas. Dish machine not sanitizing. No certified food manager.

Total demerits: 18. Recheck ordered, but is not yet on file.

Reported by Morgan Palmer. All information provided under Open Records Laws by Northeast Texas Public Health District.