City Of Jacksonville Says Suggestions Of Consultant Already Being Implemented

A long-awaited report on police action in the City of Jacksonville is in, and the city manager says sweeping changes are coming.

Consultant William Rathburn did cite good traits of the department, like enthusiastic, dedicated workers and how it responds to reports of crime.

But the report also noted the need for more training, clear goals for the department and more accountability within the command structure. City Manager Bill Tackett said one very visible change is on the way soon.

"We've got to change the way to do business. We're going to put everyone in uniform. There are not going to be any plain-clothes people. Everyone's who's got two hands and a license is going to be put to work to solve problems. We're going to solve problems. We're going to prevent crime. We're not just going to count how many times did we respond," he said.

We tried to speak with Jacksonville Police Chief Mark Johnson Wednesday, but we were told by the city he was not available for comment.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.