Upshur Landowner Angry Over Illegal Dumping

An East Texas landowner has had enough of cleaning up trash from his property and he wants East Texans to stop trashing their own state! Steve Hampton owns 150 acres just north of Ore City. He says in addition to trash, some people are even dumping animals on his property. Hampton says it's been an embarrassment for the two years he's owned his property.

"They don't want that unsightly mess in their yard, so they'll load it in the back of a vehicle and bring it and dump it on our property. Just look at your own yard [and] imagine somebody throwing trash in your yard," he says.

It's not just isolated spots, trash is strewn all over his property. [You'll find] old furniture, piles of garbage and glass, old batteries even oil. And some go to great lengths to trash.

"They cut my neighbors fence, I mean, this is unbelievable," Hampton says.

Even an adjacent cemetery has been desecrated by illegal dumping. And it's not just trash that's being dumped.

"One of the saddest parts of this story is that Hampton has had to deal with people dropping off live animals on his property and in many cases bagged up dead animals. The Hamptons have done all they can to help the animals dumped. He's even caught five of the dumpers in the act, and although the county has fined them, the trashing continues.

"Every person on this planet works for one thing, to once have a piece of property of your own, a home of your own," he says.

But it doesn't affect him alone, he has a creek that runs through his property.

"That creek feeds Lake O' The Pines the water you drink out of," says Hampton.

For all of this, Hampton has one message for anyone who would do this.

"I cut this, I pay taxes on this. I work this property give me your address and let me come dump my trash in your yard."

The Hamptons are considering installing video surveillance cameras to catch illegal dumpers.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.