Christmas is lit at Daingerfield State Park

Christmas is lit at Daingerfield State Park

DAINGERFIELD, TX (KLTV) - If you just can't get enough Christmas decor, well we have another place you can take in lights and sights.

It's Christmas in the Park at Daingerfield State Park. It's located just east of Daingerfield on Highway 11. Volunteers have Christmas-ed up the park, and many campers there have joined in the holiday cheer.

It's a state park, so it's already worth a visit, but now they're shining a little light on the subject. Park Superintendent Steve Killian says it's just to say thank you to visitors.

"This is the fifth year of Christmas in the park. We involve volunteers, we involve local campers, campers from Dallas, and everybody works together basically to give back to the community," Killian said.

Dawn and Larry Segrest are campers and volunteers, and they are happily taking part in the Christmas spirit, tweaking their display at their campsite.

"We're camping, we're working the park and we're loving every minute of it. I'd do anything to stay out here," Dawn beamed.

"We've camped out here before several times, just during the year. Then the more we stayed out here the more we liked doing it, and they said why don't you guys come out and be park hosts and come out here and help us?" Larry recalled.

As camp hosts they stay free in exchange for 25 hours of work each week. And since November, it's been setting up the displays along the park road and the big display at the park pavilion.

"As far as the decorating, that's my wife. She's the decorator. Me, I just put it where she wants it done," Larry said.

And that probably happens at many of the campsites. Some of them are pretty elaborate, and with good reason. It's become a competition judged by volunteers to keep the competition fair. But park employees are a little surprised about the:

"Campers who took a week off from their busy lives to come out and decorate their campsites," Killian said.

And the Segrests may get a little more elaborate next year.

"Absolutely, if they want us here, or if they don't, we're coming," Dawn laughed.

For some it could be the perfect Christmas vacation. And Santa's making an appearance Friday and Saturday at the pavilion. I just hope that in this cool weather his laundry is dry by then.

The park will turn on the lights 6 p.m. through 10 p.m. December 14, 15, and 16. It's usually $4 to get in, but during "Christmas in the Park," admission is free.

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