Boundary changes considered for Tyler ISD high schools, middle schools

Boundary changes considered for Tyler ISD high schools, middle schools

(KLTV) - Big changes could be coming to the Tyler Independent School District. The school board is looking at the possibility of redrawing boundary lines for its high schools and middle schools for the 2018-2019 school year.

It's been almost 50 years since TISD has seen boundary changes at the high school level. School Board Vice President Wade Washmon says with the lifting of a federal desegregation order last year, now is the time to realign.

"Anybody who lives in Tyler knows that Tyler is not the same town as it was in 1970. So we took this opportunity to look at the boundary lines which were hand drawn back then for desegregation purposes and we looked at them and said, 'you know what, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense in 2017,'" Washmon said.

The proposed changes would cut down the boundary streets from 17 to four major streets. School board president Fritz Hager says the move would allow the district to balance the large student population among not only the high schools but all facilities.

"Putting kids in the right places, minimizing transportation costs, making sure our kids are spread throughout the existing facilities, so we don't have to ask for more money to go build new facilities, that is going to free up resources," Hager said.

The proposed border will also serve as the dividing line between four of the middle schools. the boundary changes include aligning the middle schools with the high schools they feed into.

"Also, we wanted to look at true feeder patterns. We were so sporadic on the feeders that we had a child that might go to an elementary school then go to a middle school that had 90% of its kids go to a high school, and then all of a sudden had to flip back around and go to a different high school than his peers," TISD Superintendent Marty Crawford said.

Right now, there are only two true feeder schools. Dogan feeds into John Tyler and Hubbard feeds into Lee. The proposed changes would mean Moore and Boulter Middle schools would feed 100% into John Tyler and Three Lakes and Hubbard would feed into Robert E. Lee, splitting Hogg Middle School's student population in the middle. It's a move Hager says will drastically improve the number of students who will get to be together for at least 7 years, creating those long-term friendships.

"The way we have it in some parts of our town today, kids are split from elementary to middle to high school and so this will standardize some of that and give kids a chance to develop some longer-term relationships who, we think, will be more enduring," Hager said.

Changes that they hope keep the students' education and the taxpayers' dollars in mind. In an effort to realign the all the boundary lines around the same time, the district plans to present possible boundary line changes for the elementary schools in January or February.

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