Gift of Love: Garrett & Chance

Garrett wants to be adopted
Garrett wants to be adopted
Chance is looking for the Gift of Love
Chance is looking for the Gift of Love

(KLTV) - Brothers Chance and Garrett had a fun afternoon uncovering dinosaur bones at Discovery Science Place. These two young men are on a mission to find a forever family to call their own.

Garrett is in the 4th grade. This 10-year-old likes to do arts and crafts, watch funny movies, and read. He also likes hanging out with his brother.

"Spend time with my brother and sing with him," Garrett said.

Garrett loves going to church and listening to Christian music. His favorite artists are Casting Crowns and Chris August. Garrett likes to have fun but prefers a quiet and calm environment. He has experienced a tremendous amount of turbulence in his little life and understands that it takes longer for him to process some things because he has had so much on his young mind. A steady routine with constant reassurance is best for him. Garrett is a very smart child and he knows that he is playing catch up.

Older brother Chance is in the 7th grade. He is a smart and outgoing child who enjoys science, video games and making art projects. Chance enjoys going to school.

"Athletics, writing, reading, science," Chance said.

Chance also plays two different positions on the middle school football team.

"Wide receiver and cornerback," Chance said.

As for his future, Chance hopes football is a major part of it.

"I want to go to the NFL," Chance said.

Where he hopes he can play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Chance also enjoys outdoor activities such as basketball, riding bikes and swimming.

"Run outside and play with my little brother," Chance said.

And he hopes to find an active family that will take them on many adventures.

"Laser tag, hunting and going camping," Chance said.>

Chance will continue to attend supportive services to cope with his past abuse and neglect.

"I want to live in a home, where they were to take care of us, be nice to us," Chance said.

Being adopted with is brother is a top priority for Chance.

"Being adopted with my brother would be great because I wouldn't have to be alone anymore and I would have my brother by my side with me," Chance said.

A dream they hope to see as a reality soon.

"It would mean a lot to me because I would finally be able to get out of foster care," Chance said.

And to find a family that can show both of these boys the Gift of Love.

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