Resolution turns senators into substitute teachers for one day

Resolution turns senators into substitute teachers for one day

(KLTV) - The pool of substitute teachers in America grew a bit larger on Monday.

With about two weeks left until most public schools release students for winter break, the United States Senators on Monday approved a simple resolution challenging members of Congress to spend at least one day per year as a substitute teacher in a public school. 

"Members of Congress should be on the ground in public schools to understand the challenges that educators and students face," the resolution reads. Senators refer to a growing shortage of teachers, issues of teacher pay, a lack of resources, chronic student absenteeism, and poverty among the issues facing educators.

Senators also thanked "all teachers for their service," and recognized their contributions "in shaping the minds and lives of children."

Senate Resolution 356 was sponsored by senators John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, and Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat. 
The resolution was written in hopes of pushing fellow elected officials into gaining "firsthand knowledge on how to address the prevailing challenges facing educators and how to remove obstacles to learning for students."

More than 200,000 teachers are leaving the profession each year, according to information provided in the resolution.
The simple resolution has no force of law behind it. 

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