Thirteen-year-old dog survives coyote attack

Thirteen-year-old dog survives coyote attack

ALBA, TX (KLTV) - Veterinarians in East Texas are seeing more animals who have been attacked by coyotes. They're urging pet owners to keep their animals close.

Pet owner Sheila Weakley said her thirteen-year-old rat terrier, Binkie, survived a coyote attack against all odds.

"This coyote came [in] a flash and grabbed her and took her away, and she never made a sound, she never yelped. So my husband thought that he broke her neck and she died right away," she said.

Binkie's owners were devastated and searched all over for her. But five hours later they received a phone call from their neighbor.

"One of our neighbors called and said 'we think we have Binkie,' and she was bit up and she has a dislocated hip, but other than that, she made it," she said.

Weakley said she has no idea how her dog survived the coyote attack, but she's very grateful she did.

"She's deaf and blind, so we just don't know how she made it. It was like a miracle, and why the coyotes let her go, we don't know," she said.

Binkie's vets said it's uncommon for a dog her size to survive such an attack, but they aren't surprised it happened. Veterinary assistant Jeannie Ward said they've recently treated more animals that have been attacked by coyotes.

“Here recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of smaller dogs and even like heeler-size coming in,” she said.   

She recommends pet owners stay with their animals as close as possible when they let them outside.

As for Binkie, her owners have a theory that she beat up the coyotes and scared them away, and Binkie is not saying otherwise.

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