Sheriff thinks dozens of Rusk burglaries are related

Sheriff thinks dozens of Rusk burglaries are related

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Rusk County Sheriff's Department has responded to dozens of home burglary and theft reports the last month, and they believe they are related.

They say one that happened Friday was caught on camera.

Wayne Hampton was one of the latest victims in a string of thefts and burglaries that stretches back to November 1.

"When my wife got home Friday evening, she realized the front door had been kicked in. All the Christmas presents were gone, TV was gone," Hampton said.

He says he and his wife feel violated..again.

"It's not so much the loss of the items, this is, like I said, the third time this has happened. It's the loss of security, it's the damage to the house," Hampton revealed.

He was burglarized about fifteen years ago, and had been thinking about surveillance, but just recently decided to get cameras around his house since a friend recently did just that. Now Hampton caught the bad guys in the act.

Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price says the burglars hit during the day when most aren't at home. They start by knocking.

"If there's no one home, they walk around back, they kick in your back door," Price said.

And they go to work.

"Three to five minutes maximum from the time they pull up in your driveway until the time that they're leaving," Price stated.

As you can see in the video, they move quickly and have been hitting throughout a large part of precinct one.

"Right up here and all the way down south," Sgt. David Roberts said, pointing at a map of Rusk County.

"We'll have one spot or area that may be hit today, and then tomorrow or the next day they'll be somewhere else in the county," Price said.

All the cases they're looking at have a similar method of operation.

"We're believing that it's going to be the same group or groups of people," Sheriff Price offered.

And they're also hitting storage sheds for lawn mowers or other equipment.

"Anything that they can get that they can sell or trade," Price said.

Wayne Hampton didn't hesitate to post the incident on Facebook.

"And if it can stop somebody else from being hit, I'm all for that," Hampton added.

They're looking for leads, so take a close look at the video.

Sheriff Price says they don't think the merchandise is being moved in the area, but they're not sure since most of the victims hadn't recorded the serial numbers of the stolen items. Price is urging everyone to take pictures of their possessions and snap a shot of the serial number, too.

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