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Marshall PD warns about undetectable credit card skimmers found in city

(Source: Marshall Police Department) (Source: Marshall Police Department)

Marshall Police Department says a new kind of credit card skimmer has been found in the city, visually undetectable to consumers. They say they have found three in the city so far. They shared tips for keeping your money safe, as well. 

The release about these skimmers follows: 

The Marshall Police Department is again warning the public about gas pump skimmers after three devices were recovered from a local gas station.

MPD detectives are currently checking other gas stations within the city for more potential skimming devices. Unlike previous advisories, these recent skimming devices are placed inside the pump itself instead of on the outside of the machine and are completely undetectable by consumers. Here are some tips of protection against gas pump skimmers:

Go inside the store to pay for gas, preferably with cash.

If you must pay at the pump, run your card as credit, NOT debit.

Purchase a gas card to use at the pumps. Criminals generally do not use the gas cards because they can only get gas instead of money from them.

Don’t rely on the security tape at the pump, these criminals have the security tape to put on the pumps.

Keep a close watch on your bank account and notify your bank immediately if you notice any suspicious activity on your account.

The exact location at which the skimmers were found is not being released, as to not hinder the business. The business was not involved in the crime and has taken all of the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening again.

The business has also already contacted the banks and is fully cooperating with police during this investigation.

Anyone with questions about this type of crime or anyone who needs to report a potential skimming device, please call the Marshall Police Department at 903-935-4575 or Detective Farnham at 903-935-4539.

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