Van Zandt County officials say missing teens are safe, back home

Van Zandt County officials say missing teens are safe, back home
(Source: Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office)


The City of Edgewood's Facebook page says that Police Chief Hammonds has confirmed that the children have been found.

A press conference was held this evening to discuss how the children were discovered.

According to Sgt. Jacob Smith with the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office, the children were spotted walking down County Road 3507 by a citizen who was not involved in the search. The citizen picked the teens up and quickly realized they were the missing children officials were looking for.

It is unclear at this time why the children ran away from their foster home. Smith says an investigator will be speaking with the children and the family and working with the foster service to figure out if there is a specific reason they chose to leave home.

"We will, of course, interview each child to see why they ran, and talk to the placement to see if there are any issues we need to know about," said Shari Pulliam, media specialist for the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Over 45 civilians assisted in the search, according to Smith. He extended a thank you for all of the help they received throughout the day.

"We wanted say thank you to everyone who called in, shared on social media and gave tips," said Sgt. Smith.

.Smith says it's amazing the three were uninjured after being gone all night in cold temperatures, walking through thick brush, and crossing an area creek.

"They all came back barefooted one said they didn't have shoes when they left.  I know one said they didn't have shoes when they left two said they took their shoes and socks off when they got wet but surprisingly they are in good physical condition," said Sgt. Smith. during a press conference.

The teens were checked out by EMS on scene and were then released back to their foster parents.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's office will follow up with Child Protection Services to decide if further investigation is needed on this runaway case.


Officials in Van Zandt County are searching for three missing teens.

The Edgewood Police Department and surrounding local agencies are looking for what they are calling 3 runaways between the ages of 13 and 16 years old.

Cheyenne Andrews, Bryan Nyman, and Steven Shumate reportedly went missing from their residence in the 2400 block of Van Zandt County Road 3504 near Wills Point. All three kids were living in the same foster home for about 4 years. They are not related. According to the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office, none have a prior history of running away.

Officials say they are reaching out to the biological families but so far this is not being treated as an abduction.

The Sheriff's Office says to their knowledge, two of the children have an intellectual disability.

The City of Edgewood confirms currently, a ground and air search are being conducted with the Sheriff's Department, local agencies, and the Van Zandt County Game Warden.

The city says if you are interested in volunteering you can call the Sheriff's department at 903-567-4133 and add your name to a list. Coordination of volunteers will begin this afternoon after 1:00 p.m. All civilian volunteers should to report to the Edgewood fire station

The City of Edgewood posted to their Facebook page that there are 2 males, wearing white t-shirts, and one female who is wearing a pink backpack who are currently missing.

If you know of their whereabouts you are asked to contact officials immediately.

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