Lions Begin Long Road Back To Winning

It's been four years since John Tyler has had a winning season and 20 games since they beat a district opponent. So you can understand why there is a since of urgency in the Lions camp. They opened two-a-days this week, stressing conditioning and fundamentals. New head coach Thomas Brooks has winning credentials, and a positive attitude. His staff is working hard to restore the roar on campus, and says he's seeing progress. But, he also knows there's still a long road ahead.

"They're ready to start winning," said Brooks, "but at the same time, there are still some things that they lack mentally, things that it takes to be a winner. That's what we, as coaches, are trying to instill into them. We've got to do these things if we want to win."

The Lions open their season August 26 against Texas High.

Kevin Berns reporting.