BioTerrorism Drills Throughout Texas

Across North Texas today, government agencies joined together to practice some life saving drills. It was all done in an effort to protect thousands in the event of a bioterrorism attack. The Strategic National Stockpile, or SNS, practiced distributing medicine, supplies and equipment to more than 1000 volunteer "patients."
This was the first full scale exercise to evaluate the stockpile's delivery system in Texas.
In Sulphur Springs, the scenario was "how to respond when the bubonic plague hits Dallas and the surrounding areas".
Gale Roberts, is a City Secretary for Sulphur Springs. Today in the drill, she acted as the Public Information Officer: "This mock drill theoretically... it would start in the Metroplex and funnel down; people are goint to take I-30, they're going to take I-20, they're gonna' go up 35 to Denton; that's why these other counties are involved... because thats the way people would filter out of the metroplex."
The goal in Sulphur Springs was to pass out medicine to 700 people an hour. The exercises were held in several counties including Hopkins and Van Zandt.